About Us

The NEW standard in Corporate Travel.

Born 5 years ago as just two travel professionals sick of the usual travel merry-go-round. We sought find a better way and so we formed Three Sixty Travel so companies can find a new way to travel. We wanted a transparent way of doing business, not the back-handed structure of endless service fees, commissions and rebates from suppliers, we wanted an honest, reliable offering with integrity.

From this Three Sixty Travel was born. A new kind agency where we offer services many others consider ‘added extras’ with the same great level of service for nothing extra. Not to mention we’re local, no overseas call centers, just the same great friendly team, day + night.

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It’s Simple.

No commissions ever. We work on a set fee structure, guaranteed to save you time and money.

24/7 Concierge service. No matter where you are in the world you’ll be able to contact us via phone, email or our dedicated app.

We save you time and money – each business is unique, but we haven’t come across any business yet that we couldn’t save them significant money and time.

We’re experts – we are business specialists. That’s not to say we can’t look after individuals, but our system is set up to save your business time and money.

It’s reportable and transparent- we send you monthly reports and over time we streamline processes in order to be more efficient and offer a higher level of service – we work best when we have long-term clients.